ASTOS Machinery is thanks to its advanced technical solutions recognized as a top ranking European company supplying customers world-wide. ASTOS, as progressive company with outstanding tradition in manufacturing of handling conveyors, integrated chip conveyor systems , chip management automated lines for CNC and stamping plants as well as coolant filtration equipment, protective housing and covering for tool machinery, supplies whole range of proven solutions to engineering and automotive industry. We win our customers through expertise and our designer team’s answers to their complex, highly sophisticated and individual requirements for technologically advanced production.

Why to choose ASTOS Machinery?

Thanks to realized R&D we are a holder of several exclusive patent rights and industrial design rights.

Quality, reliability and durability- typical characteristics of our products. Increase in efficiency and decrease in production costs, down time- our products hold up to the most advanced industries.

Ergonomics, functionality, quality of the execution guarantees us the international recognition.

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What else should you know?

Automated PLC controlled lines – we realized whole range of projects for chip and stamping material management lines, incorporated into existing systems of the customer and fitted with sensors and containers.

Protective housing and covering of tool machines – We offer to manufacture not only according to customers technical documentation but we are able to provide own solution incl. design studies and models.

Coolant filtration systems – we offer whole range of solutions – from simple cost effective products to bespoke complex coolant filtration systems integrated with coolant temperature conditioning, and continual removal of impurities.

Maintenance, service and operator training – we deliver continual support.

Successful company

ASTOS Machinery a. s., enjoys a reputation for performance and is recognized in Czech rep., Europe and overseas.

Thanks to our dedication to quality we managed to establish relationship of mutual cooperation with our customers. We are highly motivated to improve our products and range of services. Our motto: Our solution – your technical advantage.