Filter station

By filter station we describe a combination of a band filter, magnetic separator and a tank for filtering and recovery of a valuable coolant liquid or cutting fluid from tool machining. Tanks can vary in form or volume according to customers specification. Electro scheme can be adjusted to customer’s specific need

We offer the filtration stations which eliminate the impurities with fineness up to 35 microns and with the flow capacity up to 200 l per minute. Filtration station fitted with the filtration fabric can clean the impurities up to 20 microns, provided the reduction of the coolant flow.


Categories according to flow capacity

We manufacture the coolant filter station in two categories according to flow capacity. Filter stations can be manufactured in left or right hand versions.

  • FS 63 - max. flow 63 l per minute
  • FS 200 - max. flow 200 l per minute

Filter stations are fitted according to customer needs with pumps, oil separators, level valves, flow gauges, etc. Two measures of filtration fabric are supplied as a standard.

Dimensions of standard filter stations FS 63 and FS 200.

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