ASTOS recognizes the supply of spare parts as crucial part of the customer services. When ordering spare parts, you should indicate the complete machine type, its serial number, construction year and the information indicated on the nameplate or in the manual.

CDT 200 – 1999 – v. č. 0025 (classification, used until first half of the year 2007)

CDT 450 – 2008 – v. č. 081401241 (current classification used from the second half of the year 2007)

List of the frequently ordered spare parts:

Hinged steel belt
Link pitch 40: perforated- non perforated
Link pitch 63: perforated- non perforated
Link pitch 100: non perforated

Scraper conveyor chain
link pitch 40
link pitch 63

Belt link, chain link
pitch t=40, t=63, t=100

Complete connecting link


Gear wheel
Drive and driven wheels

Driving and driven shaft

Classic and UCP bearing

Drive, gearbox

Fittings: Pump, level sensor etc.