Band filter

Band filters are used for fine filtration of industrial cutting fluid or coolant. The fineness of the filtration depends on the type of filtration fabric and its permeability of solid impurities. The size of particles is measured in micrometres. The filtration is carried out in automatic cycles. The band filters are adapted to be installed onto the collecting tank of the industrial coolant and can be easily fitted with magnetic separators.


Categories according to flow capacity

Available in 4 standard series according to the rate of flow:

  • PF 63 – max. flow is 63 l/min
  • PF 100 – max. flow is 100 l/min
  • PF 150 – max. flow is 150 l/min
  • PF 200 – max. flow is 200 l/min

We offer fabrication of a larger band filter with higher than 200 l/min flow capacity. Available in right hand and left hand versions.

Dimensions of standard band filters PF 150 and PF 200.

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