Tool machinery protective guards and enclosures

Thanks to its extensive design and manufacturing experience ASTOS Machinery produces bespoke tool machinery enclosures and guards to the highest standards and customer’s specific requirements. The wide range of protective machine guarding solutions includes:

  • Guards for CNC machinery
  • Stationary and mobile protective housing
  • Enclosures for the entire production lines

Our tool machinery protective enclosures are turnkey solutions to meet specific requirements of machine tool design. Our typical customers are the suppliers of small to medium sized CNC multi axis machines, large vertical lathes, horizontal boring machines, grinding machines and machinery production lines.

We are able to supply a modern design (including the study) for complete system. Our product saves so on foot print of the machinery, down time and overall costs. ASTOS Machinery manufactures machinery protective enclosures also to customer’s technical specification. Our vast experience in supplying the protective steel covers, enclosures and housing for machine tool manufacturers worldwide means, we are an acknowledged and proved business partner in the field.


Based on our experience we are able to deliver solutions to very definite demands of users of specific technologies, (such as electro erosion tool machine – see picture below).

The very specialized demands require solutions which provide answer to health and safety and environmental issues. The focus is primarily on the tightness of the enclosure to protect operators as well as expensive machinery. Important are various switches, glass see through, door closers, mechanical resistance, noise insulation, vapour recovery, air condition etc.

Covering of electro - erosive machine including telescopic covers

from a design…


…to the implementation

a. Machine description
Small foot print, double shell design for safety, security glass, easy access to electrical fittings and systems, covering space for automatic tool exchange, integrated peripherals, easy handling and accessibility by above crane and by fork lift from the front, effortless assembly and disassembly, significant improvement in neatness and appearance of tool machine housing.


b. Specific requirements implemented (BT 1250 Siemens)
In order to provide an access to the worktable and uploading of a large work piece by overhead crane, the top of the enclosure had to be removable. Enclosure fitted with two extraction units which separate oil from the oil mist. Oil is than reused in the machine processing.

If you need further assistance or have any special requirements related to our machine guarding solutions, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.