Hinged steel belt conveyor for stam

Hinged steel belt conveyor for industrial power press is engineered for conveying stamping scrap in the metal forming industry. For longer wear life of a conveyor we advise reinforcement of the case and the belt with HARDOX - hardened wear resistant steel plate. CDT-clankove-lisum

Categories according to link pitch

Conveyors for industrial press are manufactured in three different dimensions of the hinged belt link pitch:

  • For lightweight stamping scrap (up to 0, 5 m) with the pitch of t=63
  • For moderate size stamping scrap (up to 1 m) with the pitch of t=100
  • For heavy industrial stamping scrap (from 1 m) with the link pitch of t=160

Classification as per shape

The drive of the conveyor can be either on left or right hand side.

We can provide automated stamping scrap handling systems communicating directly with the stamping facility and its additional peripheral devices. The precise level control of skip inflow can be achieved in two possible ways.

The sensor at the tipping hopper continuously scans the level of the surcharge angle of the scrap
and hence the scrap container usage is optimized.

The other possibility to ensure even skipinflow is by a weight sensor. By consequently interconnecting several features we ensure the system delivers fully automated scrap transport.

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